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Who is GCCSB?

GCC South Bay was founded in 2018. Grace Community Church South Bay's roots begin with a small home Bible Study where Ulises was discipling ten high school young men weekly at his home. The Lord planted a desire within him to teach the profound doctrines and theology found in God's Word. Several of the young men in his church heard about the study and decided to join; at that time, several older men joined as well. After sometime, Ulises's wife Mona then asked if the young ladies could join the study, as they too expressed interest in learning theology. The study eventually was open to everyone. The truth of God's Word was transforming people's lives. We began the co-ed bible study with men, women, young and old in the Galvez's living room; Outgrowing the living room we moved to the the family room, eventually we had to move to the backyard and inside the infamous white tent. In the fall of 2019, Ulises desired to grow in equipping himself in the love and knowledge of the Lord and His word, it is then He began his studies at The Master's Seminary; he had no desire at this point for pastoral ministry. 

In mid-2019, Ulises listened to a message from the 2019 Shepherd's Conference by Dr. Steven Lawson, "Faithful in the pulpit" was the sermon. After that message, it confirmed the call in his life to pastoral ministry. He began to pursue guidance from Grace Advance, a ministry of Grace Community Church of the Valley, where Ulises and his family were members. Dr. Carl Hargrove and the Elders of Grace Advance guided Ulises and instructed him and two of his leading men to take the Grace Advance Academy for church planting. After the academy was completed, the core group of roughly sixty moved forward to plant a church in the South Bay. In the summer of 2021, we became an official Grace Advanced church plant. At the beginning of 2022, we began meeting in a small church for our Tuesday Bible study; we met in that space for a year as we continued searching for a location to worship on Sundays. In December of 2022, the Lord provided our current location for this eager body of believers that grew to nearly one hundred attending. 

This body of believers at GCCSB are genuinely a group that exemplifies the love of God and a love for His church. The "one anothers" are practiced as a loving family with genuine care for each other.